Human resources policy of Zeray Construction which believes that the most important capital is human resources is established on creating profiles of employees who are expert in his/her career, with higher motivation, having social perfection, creating added value, managing, directing and developing human resources properly.

Our human resources policy takes the following into consideration:
• To employ the right persons in right positions.
• Primarily evaluating the persons in the group for the new positions.
• To give tasks to the employee according to their capabilities.
• To keep morale and motivation of the employees in every rank in top level.
• To create a healthy, secure and peaceful working environment.
• To specify the training needs for the employee, to prepare training programs and apply them.
• To assess the performances of employee according to objective criteria and reward them.
• To give possibilities of training to the students.
• To secure open communication environment.
• To protect and improve the personal rights of the employee.